Thanks for shopping at the Mixpak store - this is the best way to support us as an independent label. 



You've sold out of the thing I want!

We may re-stock on certain items - showing your interest with us is good cos we  know it's worth making more. If that fails, you can try other stockists. Get at us on Twitter! 

Oh man, my tee doesn't fit, can I send it back?

We do not offer exchanges or refunds for international sales - they are final. If you are based in the US, and need to exchange, you can send them back if you notify us within 30 days of purchase.  However, they have to reach us intact, we can't accept damaged returns. 

I bought a deadstock item and I'm not happy with it. 

Deadstock items are final sale, unless they have visibly been damaged in transit and it was the fault of our packaging. Please note these items, though 'new', have existed in the world for a bit, so there may be small scratches etc. 

What service do you use to ship items in the USA / Internationally?

We standardly use USPS within the USA, but you can select which service you would like to use once you have gone through the checkout process. 

Why is it so expensive to ship internationally? 

Unfortunately USPS just put up their rates, you can see a detailed breakdown of why here. We recommend that you place a bigger order or buddy up with someone to lower the shipping cost per item. 

Will I also have to pay customs & duties in my own country? 

Unfortunately that is possible, yes. It is your responsibility to pay any customs charge in your country, and due to the systems in place, we will not be able to estimate that cost or help you in the event you are charged customs. If the package is returned to us, we may also not be able to refund you shipping costs. We are unable to change the markings on customs forms, it would risk our business! To note, this is industry standard for all US shipments abroad, not a specific Mixpak policy. 

I ordered a while ago and still nothing…

Depending on where you are in the world, it might take a little time for your product to reach you from where we are in New York. Here are some rough estimates, but please be patient: 

Delivery to US / Canada: 1 week

Delivery to UK / Europe / South America: 2-3 weeks

Delivery to Australasia / Asia / Africa: 3 weeks 

You will have been sent a tracking number, please check this before you email, but if it has really been ages, email store@mixpakrecords.com ! 

I downloaded my track on someone else's computer by mistake, can I access it again? 

Yes, you can click back through the email and access it again. 

I want to cancel my order, what do I do?

If we haven't sent out your order yet, we will be able to cancel your order & refund. Please note, digital orders are delivered rather quickly and once filled cannot be undone.  Please contact us at store@mixpakrecords.com if you have issues.

I have a discount code but I can't see where to put it in? 

The discount code box will appear after you have entered your address, in the final step of the payment process. If no discount box appears, it could mean that discount has expired! Sign up to our newsletter for the latest discounts. 



 What is a 320 kbps mp3?

320 kbps is the bitrate that the track is encoded at - it's the highest quality mp3 you can get. All digital tracks bought in our store are 320 kbps, unless we state otherwise. 

I want the best quality sound ever, can I get something that isn't an mp3? 

We only currently sell mp3s, if you'd like a .wav, FLAC or similar, we suggest heading to Juno. 



I'd love to stock your products in my shop

Get in touch: store@mixpakrecords.com 


I want to release my music on Mixpak

We get a ton of demos but always looking out for new talent, so if you think Mixpak is right for your music, then send it to us: info@mixpakrecords.com 

I want to do a design for one of your products

Show us your skills! info@mixpakrecords.com 

I'd like to partner with you 

We're always interested in new retail & marketing partnerships, send us an email! info@mixpakrecords.com

 I want to know what's coming up next on Mixpak

Subscribe to our newsletter - news and special offers all come through there. Find the link on our homepage or opt in by ticking the box when you pass through the checkout. 



-- Are you gonna sell my information?

No way!