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Adding a music product

You will require the following information:

  • Product information
    • Product name - (album/ep name)
    • Product vendor - (album/ep artist)
    • Product description
  • Product images (bigger then or same as 500px x 500px, square if possible)
  • Product variant information
  • Variant sample music files ready to upload in .mp3 or .wav format
  • Full track audio file
  1. Upload the sample audio files here and make note of the URLs for each one

  2. Then create a new product in the Shopify admin section

  3. Fill the products details with the relevant information, you can use this image as a reference. The most important part of this stage is getting the 'Product Options' correct

    Ensure to tick ALL collections you want this product to show in, including 'Music'
  4. Once saved you will need to enter the product variants, this is the most important part of the data entry. Now there are two types of product variants. Physical variants and digital variants.

    Format: All digital variants must have a format of 'MP3' or 'WAV'
    Name: The track name
    Audio: The audio file URL you made note of earlier
    SKU: Enter a unique identifier ie (EPNAMETRACKNAME) (make a note of this)
    Price: Price of the track

    Format: Anything
    Name: The track name
    Audio: Anything
    SKU: Enter a unique identifier ie (EPNAMETRACKNAME)
    Price: Price of the physical item

  5. Once saved you'll have created your product. This is the Shopify part of things done. However if you've entered a digital variant above we'll need to add it to fetch so fetch can send the music file to the user once they have purchased their item. ONLY do this for digital variants.

    Sign in here and click 'Files' then 'Add files' - add all your full track files here.

  7. Once your done, click 'Products' then 'Add Product' to add your first variant, this will need to be repeated for each variant. When filling out this information make sure you use the same SKU as you did on the shopify store. This is important.

  8. That's it once you added each file you can sit back and have a brew.