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Cory Blaine - Hot Plate

Cory Blaine

  • 12" Vinyl + MP3 Download
  • MP3 Download
  • Hot Plate
  • Car Jack
  • Hot Plate (Zombie Disco Squad Remix)
  • Hot Plate (Malente & Dex Remix)
  • Hot Plate (DJ Nehpets Remix)
  • Hot Plate (Andy Petr Remix)

We're excited to announce "Hot Plate" the debut release from Cory Blaine, a 22 year old producer and DJ from McAllen, Texas. As a resident alongside both the Culnsweet and Bighaus crews, he has played a strong role in redefining the house music scene in Southern Texas and Northern Mexico and we're excited to introduce him to a larger audience. With "Hot Plate" and B-side "Car Jack," he has crafted a house sound that is equally indebted to Cajual Records, DJ Sneak and Baltimore Club. The remix package includes strong efforts from DJ Nehpets, Zombie Disco Squad, Malente&Dex and newcomer Andy Petr. House!