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Track List
Lanced $1.29
Hunter $1.29
Cascade $1.29
Moodswung $1.29
Rift $1.29
Furnace $1.29
High Rise $1.29
I Swear $1.29

Music notes:

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Following his two-track vocal EP, Jasmine, released on Mixpak earlier this year, Murlo is back with the all-instrumental Odyssey, his boldest artistic statement to date. Eight tracks deep, Odyssey is a winding journey through the ever-fantastical world of the UK producer, a world where weighty bass, soaring melodies and frenetic percussion all hold positions of power.

The lead track, “Moodswung,” shares a peek of what Odyssey represents as a whole. A maze of memorable melodies layered with levels like a computer game, it feels like a powerwalk through a harp-laden dreamscape. “Cascade" is a club tune as intricate as a symphony - where synths run over each other with the urgency and beauty of a waterfall. Pieced together with the majesty of “Lanced," the melodic freneticism of “Hunter," the other-worldliness of "High Rise" and the club delirium of “Furnace," this is signature Murlo: instantly recognizable as his own distinct sound, and yet, never predictable.

Odyssey is a record free of genre: it’s uncompromising yet accessible experimental electronica at its best, reminding us why Murlo has become a unique figure in the UK underground.

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